High security window retainer


The safety key for your windows… Block’air fits single casement window, French or tiltturn window, in wood, PVC or aluminium.

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In public buildings (schools, clinics, hospitals, retirement homes, administrations, hotels, etc.) the risk of defenestration is very high, particularly when the window is open for airing. This robust window «retainer lock» was designed specially for use in public buildings: to prevent falling from windows and external intrusions. The user can open and close the window as much as is required, without involving any staff supervision.
Open position :

Block’air has 6 holding positions, preventing the complete opening of the window therefore blocking intruders and avoiding falls.

Closed position :

The Block’air system blends in perfectly and may also serve as a lock for the window.

  • Patented - Made in France
  • Invisible and dismantle-proof fixing
  • Assembly and fixing accessories supplied
  • Locking mechanism with 7 pins,
  • Delivered with 2 numbered keys
  • Different possible locks or keyed alike
  • 6 holding positions
  • BLOCK’AIR can be fitted to tilt-turn windows